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Baggage Shipping Worldwide 

People like to carry as many things as they can while travelling or going on vacations but it is not possible, as some airline companies charge you extra for the excess baggage shipping. We are Extra-Baggage providing easy shipping of your excess baggage or personal items.

We provide our services to over 600 countries including USA, UK,Australia , Canada , New Zealand , South Africa and many other countries. Our company provides different kind of methods you can have your baggage transferred with full satisfaction. Whether they are boxes  or suitcase filled with your vacation clothes, we can deliver it to you in any part of the world.

While carrying excess baggage to USA and other  countries you have to pay a lot of money which can prove to be a little expensive, while we are providing many advantages and benefits to our customers.

We are one of the best excess baggage company situated in United Kingdom, please click here to see list of receving centers all over UK, providing shipping services especially in UK. To help you to save your time, we have an online service which you can use to ship your excess luggage anywhere in UK. Just remember your baggage is just a single click away from you and to guide you through our services, we have described the details below:


Why Us for Excess Baggage Shipping to UK:

Excess baggage may include items that may be very fragile and need to be taken care of which we consider our first priority. A single individual is assigned to take care of the luggage throughout the process that is entitled to completely see that your excess baggage properly reaches UK.


Range of Shipping Solution to UK

Extra-Baggage offers its customers many packages from which they can choose to ship their baggage saving money and in minimum time. Our economy service include that the baggage will be send in accordance with regular flights that are scheduled and this package is comparatively cheap and gives the customer an expected date. Our other service which is an urgent service allows the parcel to be delivered within minimum time of your arrival including the factors and distance, like it will take a day to deliver your excess baggage to UK if you are travelling near UK.


Easy Online Tracking System And Collection Points:

We have provided a unique way of tracking your baggage through or online service. All you have to do is just enter the code you get while you fill out our online form and you will get the exact status of your excess baggage. Also you can collect your luggage from a drop of point or pay extra depending on the area where you might want to drop of your luggage in UK.

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