Freight forwarders don’t transport consignments themselves – they act on your behalf to make  the  shipping process simple and select best possible options  from a large network of international carriers, airlines, agents and shipping corporations.

They are specialists in overseeing the timely, economical , cost-efficient and cheap international shipping of your goods

Responsibilities of Freight Forwarders:

The original tasks include negotiations to reduce the overall cost for shipping. The actual role of a freight forwarding company is crucial most especially with regards to international deliveries where professionals determine if a certain shipment meets all of the requirements.

They even have the responsibility to stay the transportation charge as low as attainable whereas they guarantee compliance to the various standards associated with a particular cargo or the whole shipping process.


It is necessary to choose the best freight forwarding firms which will assist in your shipping and delivery personal or commercial freight. A dependable freight forwarder can make sure that shipping operations will meet the expectations of business partners. Freight forwarders perform essential roles for the continual operations of the sector and additionally the steadiness of the whole economic climate.  Many companies need outsourcing solutions for their own freight shipping and delivery services through trustworthy third party transport suppliers.

You should have somebody to place confidence in significantly when it involves stages of the shipping procedures where you don’t have any control of procedure. A trustworthy freight forwarding company can take ownership and make sure the safety of their client’s Shipment. you’ll additionally expect these forwarder measure the complete delivery process and avoid potential issues that may delay or damage your goods. A freight forwarding company air-freight-quotealways make sure that your shipment represent your firm in a very great way through top quality deliveries. More significantly, businesses will build the foremost out of their cargo operations through value effective solutions.

Why use Extra Baggage for Freight Forwarding?

Express Quality – we use established and legitimate shipping companies, from major international carriers like FedEx , DHL , TNT and UPS to a number of the largest international airlines like Emirates, Qatar Air ways, United Airlines and many more ocean freight suppliers.

Affordable  cost– our network of business contacts and decades of expertise mean we are able to negotiate the most effective rates and that we continuously pass these savings onto you.

User Friendly – book on-line or over the phone, get multiple quotes with no obligation book, save quotes for later and amend your bookings with ease.
Dedicated customer services– our staff grasp the shipping industry, and that they are here to assist over the phone, via email and on live on-line chat Monday- Fri 9-5:30. we’ve got a passionate freight team who will resolve problems quickly and can assist you prepare all the shipping documentation you wish.