Nowadays there are endless choices for  baggage shipping, whether or not you only wish to send a suitcase or boxes. Using us to assist you find low cost UK shipping services can save you time and money as we tend to compare all the main airlines within the United Kingdom so you’ll opt for the most effective service and value for your baggage shipping.


Simple steps to send personal items through Air Freight Shipping

Finding a carrier to send your personal or commercial goods is simple. At extra-baggage we’ve searched the market to bring you the foremost sure, value effective shipping companies within the UK.

All you’ve got to do is click the get quotes button so check costs from every of the suggested airlines shown. It takes seconds to get the quotes; simply enter the details on your excess baggage (including dimensions, weight, where to collect from and where to deliver to) and the costs are shown instantly from all the major carriers/airlines, also as the completely different service varieties available, whether or not the shipment  you wish to send is as express urgent consignment, an economy service or a global shipping service.

You then select the service that suits you and there no obligation to simply accept any of the quotes offered as all rates is provided free of charge and without any obligation.

We may justify how the system works, however believe us its quite uninteresting and really all you wish to understand is that your luggage can reach its destination on time and at a really low cost price.

One factor to remember is that your shipments are one in all a whole lot being handled directly. It will be transferred from van to van and through an automatic sorting centre on a transporter, therefore it should be securely packed within the maximum dimensions and therefore the contents should be appropriate for air shipping.

What is not appropriate for excess baggage deliveries?

The main criteria are size and weight. Your goods, once packed and prepared for delivery, ought to be no quite 150cm long x 100cm deep x 158cm high, please ask for additional details different carriers have totally different criteria, and weigh no more than 30kg.

All shipments has a listing of items than can’t be delivered. Mostly its understood, like not sending , perishable things, burnable goods, juices, liquids , perfumes and even Christmas cracked, other items will be sent, however fully at your risk with no insurance, like antiques, pottery, china, lights and jewellery.

If your goods aren’t appropriate for an inexpensive excess baggage shipping service, it’d be value wondering a courier delivery instead.

Tips for using excess baggage shipping services

The most necessary tip we will provide you with is make sure your goods are well packed. Once sending unaccompanied baggage tape, packaging boxes and bubble wrap are your new best friends once it involves packing goods up prepared for baggage shipping.

If you’re sending things like garments, deem using those sturdy plastic postage luggage as a tough, light-weight manner of causation them. Keep in mind your baggage may get dropped, knocked or bashed within the delivery method, thus certify its pre packed to face up to all that.

Finally, keep in mind that price is not everything and that cheap  baggage shipping quote might not be the foremost appropriate for you. Check details like expected delivery time (especially with international shipping services) and also the quantity of insurance enclosed carefully then think about what’s necessary to you to get the correct balance between affordability and level of service, all of which is able to prevent a packet on normal shipping charges.

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