Airlines charge travellers expensively for luggage and most of them cannot guarantee that your luggage will reach your destination on time. In such instances, air freight shipping is a more lucrative deal to avoid these problems. Even though checking costs less than shipping in some instances, the convenience and the reliability that comes along with shipping your luggage is worth paying for and the cost differential has nowadays narrowed due to the airlines consistently hiking their luggage fee. When you choose Extra-baggage as your air freight shipping option, the size of your luggage need not worry you, for they are experienced in handling various luggage shapes and sizes such as golf clubs, surfing boards and so on. You can also send perishables using their express delivery service, be able to track the delivery progress of your luggage up to its destination and bypass check-in lines.


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At Extra- baggage you can be able to get cheap international shipping charges and excellent door-to-door services where they collect your baggage and deliver it to your destination. They also have a door-to- destination service which allows you to collect your luggage at the destination terminal. Before sending a package with Extra-baggage you need to complete on line quotation request. Getting quote from Extra Baggage is very simple, all you need to do is select origin and destination countries, Select collection and destination cities. Enter your personal details Name, Email and Contact number.

With Extra-baggage, they have shipping routes world wide, you get excellent rates and allow you to track your bag or estimate the delivery date. Extra-baggage Company outlets are conveniently located at airport terminals to cater to your baggage shipping and storage requirements. They have competitive charges that are payable on collection. Baggage shipping process takes only 20 minutes so no need for advance booking. They also offer bag wrap services which ensure that your luggage does not open along transit and stays intact.

The process of using these services is very simple. All you need to do is to get an international shipping quote, book on-line, prepare your bags for collection, and track the delivery progress through updates until it is delivered. Extra-baggage have a quick, efficient and straight forward freight process, always update you on the progress of your order and have flawless and secure delivery services at a pocket friendly rate. It is a great way to save money if you have excess baggage for it costs less than the airline charges. Air freight services help you to move your luggage in a safe and secure way and enhance ease of travel for you do not have to keep dragging your luggage around. There is so much convenience that comes along with air freight shipping with Extra-baggage that you need not worry yourself any more with the ever hiking airline charges on luggage.

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